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Health, Safety, Environmental & Quality (HSEQ) Requirements

Health, Safety, Environmental & Quality (HSEQ) Requirements

Delta Marine & Environmental Services emphasizes prime importance on health, safety, and quality (HSEQ) standards, and follows the protocol below when our employees attend vessels, terminals, mid-stream facilities, offshore locations, and deep-water ports. Please note the following provisions which are enforced by DMES.

  1. Security Points & Restricted Areas
    • All employees must present a valid ID card at all security checkpoints within the facility and vessel.
    • All employees fully understand subjective personnel and baggage are searched at security checkpoints.
    • Without prior authorization, no employees are permitted to enter restricted areas on board.
  1. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to be Worn Onboard Vessels and All Working Areas of Terminal of Port Facility
    • Safety shoes
    • Safety helmet/hard hat
    • High visibility jacket, shirt, or vest
    • Safety glasses
    • Leather working gloves
    • Life vest (when necessary at mid-stream facilities)
    • Ear/hearing protection (if necessary)
    • H2S monitor (when necessary at qualifying facility or vessel)
  1. Drug and Alcohol Policy
    • Illegal drugs or alcohol are strictly prohibited from being brought into any facility or vessel
    • Possession of prescription or “over-the-counter” medications are allowed with proper documentation

Any incidents regarding any of the aforementioned are to be reported to the following contacts within the organization:

Guy Sergi                                                               Chris Meredith
Cell: 504-915-9889                                              Cell: 504-265-5645
Email: [email protected]                                Email: [email protected]

Please be sure to include the employee's name, location, time and date, brief incident description, and point of contact.

Our sincere appreciation goes to you for your understanding regarding Delta Marine and Environmental Services' protocol to ensure a safe and efficient operation between our organization and yours.